In Honor of my Brother Mike


On September 30th, 2021, I, along with many family and friends, buried my brother Mike. He’d recently contracted covid, and thinking he had the flu, continued to live life as best he could until he finally realized he was seriously sick. With his comorbidities and his delay in taking care of himself, plus what I […]

My Total Solar Eclipse Adventure, 2017

In 1998 I booked a cruise on a Carnival ship, that was sold as being an “eclipse cruise”. I was just out of a bad relationship that was limiting what I was willing to do. Now that it was over, I saw this as an opportunity to start exploring things I wasn’t willing to do […]

J. Finley's Recovery from Injury and NFL Retirement

I like people stories, especially people who have more interesting lives than mine. I loved watching Jermichael Finley play. He was one of the best Packers Tight Ends I’ve seen. When he wasn’t resigned by the Packers after his spinal injury, I wasn’t happy because he made the team so much better, and he’d be […]